Christina Gateway Community Development Association

“Gateway” is the newest organization in Christina Lake. It was formed as a result of last year’s community coordination Project which revealed many opportunities for cooperative action.

All of the key organizations in the community were brought together to form a new organization representing them all for the purpose of considering overarching issues in the community that no one organization could deal with alone.

In particular, Gateway aims to support the non profit organizations and the business community to strengthen them and to develop plans to diversify the community’s economy and also to meet unmet social needs.

The board of Gateway is made up of reps from the Chamber, the Tourism Society, CL Arts and Artisans Society, the Recreation Commission, the CL Stewardship Society, the CL Community Association, the CL Fire Department and the Fire Fighter’s Society and the CL Tourism Society.

So far through Gateway, a new community website is being created; a regional community calendar is being developed, a plan for creating a child care program is under way, funding for a major marketing project has been received from SIBACS, a partnership with Selkirk College’s Rural Development Institute has been formed that will be reporting on options for increasing bandwidth in the community and a Community Venture Capital Committee was formed.

Gateway’s Board of Directors have added this responsibility to their already full loads with their own organization but a common vision for the greater good of the community is inspiring their work.

AGM: June

Contact: Dianne Wales 

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  • Street: 1675 Highway #3
  • Postcode: V0H 1E2
  • City: Christina Lake
  • Province: BC


  • Phone: 250-447-6165